without struggle, there's no success.

اللهم إنصر إخواننا في غزة على الصهاينة واشف مرضاهم وارحم موتاهم انك على كل شي قدير 
مبارك عليكم الشهر🌙💜 
Sorry i’m a bit late!
Working on something new🙊
Daily photos 👉 @noo.rr
12-9pm  -  Student Center!

Use the locations as a map👆 (at Education City -Student Center)
3rd day: here until 9pm😍 (at Qatar Foundation Student Center)
🔴 The souq is going to last for two more days! 🔴

You can still com tomorrow and the day after 12-9pm at Student Center.  (at Education City -Student Center)
STUDENT CENTER! Here until 9pm! (at Education City -Student Center)
Tomorrow is the last day! 12pm-9pm at Student Center - Education city✨ (at Education City -Student Center)
Visit us now at Student Center!
Today until 9 and tomorrow 12-9! (at Education City -Student Center)
Who’s excited for tomorrow! 
Sunday-Monday 12pm - 9pm
Education City - Student Center 
See you all😍
Daily photos 👉 @noo.rr
Proud to be part of another charity event organized by @faz3t_ahl_qatar 
25th - 26th May 
12:00pm - 9:00pm
Education City - Student Center